We’re professional, effective language specialists,…
We’re reliable.


Mallol Traductors Associats was set up in 1979 to offer
translation services, shortly afterwards also adding
corrections and transcriptions.

Today our clients come from a wide range of business areas
and many different government bodies.



At Mallol Traductors Associats we have a team of
native translators with tried and tested experience.

We offer translations to and from a large number of languages,
including English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese,
Galician, Basque, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian,
Finnish, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.



A text with errors creates a bad impression, both of yourself
and your business. The professional proofreaders at Mallol
Traductors Associats will check your texts thoroughly to help
you express what you want to say in the best possible way.

We have a lot of experience in correcting texts in Catalan and
Spanish and also offer correction services in English, French
and Italian, among other languages.


Language consultancy

If you have any doubts about language, Mallol
Traductors Associats will be able advise you.

And we can also help out with your corporate



At Mallol Traductors Associats we have a large team of
specialist transcribers who ensure a fast turnaround for
transcriptions, both from audio and video, so you can get
the text you need in the shortest possible time..



At Mallol Traductors Associats we’re experienced in writing up
the minutes of plenary sessions for councils and other public
bodies and can produce the minutes for meetings based on their
agenda and recording.

Just send us the recording of your meeting and we’ll provide you
with the minutes you need.


Rates and Quotes

The rates charged by Mallol Traductors Associats
depend on the languages and type of text and work involved.

Tell us what you need and we’ll prepare a quote for you without
any obligation.

Write to us at comandes@malloltraductors.com.

How to get in touch with
Mallol Traductors Associats ?